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Product Design | Digital UX/UI | E-Commerce

My Role

I work to implement Lower Funnel enhancements by partnering with Product Managers and Technology team members in an Agile Scrum environment. I implement all design stages from initial discovery and immersion research, to developing the experience strategy, as well as executing on prototypes and hifi designs to hand-off to developers.


Project Briefing

Research + Strategy

Competitive Analysis

User Flows

LoFi Wires

HiFi Wires

User Testing

Design Iterations

Design Review



Key Tools




Baymard Institute


Select Projects

Account Creation During Checkout

Wine Ring Integration

Digital Payments

Account Onboarding

SKU Limits

Gifting 3.0

Online Gift Card Redemption

Making Wine

Project Summaries

Account Creation During Checkout

Prompting users to register for an account during the checkout flow

Account Onboarding

Creating a more engaging onboarding experience designed to capture personalization and preference information following initial account creation

Wine Ring Integration

Exploring innovative ways to integrate Wine Ring (AI recommendation tool) into the web experience to create personalized shopping experiences for loyalty members and guest customers

SKU Limits

Limiting purchase quantities of highly allocated and fine and rare products by implementing a max quantity feature and messaging strategy

Offering third party payment options such as Apple Pay and PayPal to create flexibility, increase conversion rates, and improve checkout efficiency

Digital Payments

Improving the overall online gifting experience and expanding gift features available to users

Gifting 3.0

Online Gift Card Redemption

Designing a seamless and simplified experience that allows users to redeem gift cards on web and app, as well as save gift cards to their account for future use

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