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Hello Hello, I’m Jess— an Experience Design + Strategy hybrid. I am a versatile visionary with six years of experience in e-commerce, merchandising, and UX. I am passionate about creating seamless experiences by combining business and strategy with design and technology to create immersive memories. Currently at CI&T on the Audi account.

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Total Wine & More  

Designing better lower funnel experiences on Cart, Checkout, and Account agile teams across desktop, mobile web, and app.

Product Design |  Digital UX / UI | E-Commerce

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Into the Gloss

How might we use modular design + content management systems to refresh the Into the Gloss site?

Research | Experience Strategy | Modular Design Systems | UX



How might we create a treasure hunt experience that brings families closer together during milestone moments?

Product Design |  Digital UX | UX Strategy | UI / Visual Design



How might we use emerging technology to create immersive memories for future generations?

360° Video | Emerging Tech | Interactive Design | Innovation | Digital UX/UI


Fenty Beauty

How might we implement gamification principles into brand activations?

Brand Activation | Spatial UX | Experiential | Emerging Tech



How might we get a plastic toy company to be relevant in the minds of environmentally-conscious teens?

Digital UX | Spatial UX | UX Research | UX Strategy | Emerging Tech



How might we use music to encourage Millennials to turn to Coors Light in their moments of pause?

Brand Activation | Spatial UX | Experiential | Emerging Tech


The Meme Complex

How might we encourage people to use memes as a way to unpack their raw emotions?

Social Experiment |  Production | Content Creation | Branding

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